2012 in Photos, part 2

As I was writing up highlights from 2012, I realized that it was going to be way too long for just one post, so here is part 2, with a taste of where what I was up to from July – December 2012.

July 2012: Caught a massive cold, which knocked me out for days, but had the bright side of inspiring an article for my Yoga on a Plate column. Applied for an extension of my work visa, which was granted; had a visit from my dear friend Leah from the US and several of my partner’s friends from Ireland; and found a sunny day to go tramping through Butterfly Creek in Eastbourne. And, I began teaching my weekly yoga class at Brooklyn Community Centre in Wellington.

View from Butterfly Creek, 29 July 2012

View from Butterfly Creek, 29 July 2012

Wellington Harbour's windblown man sculpture

Wellington Harbour’s windblown man sculpture

August 2012: Celebrated one year of being in New Zealand with an enormous bouquet of flowers from my lovely partner and some cheap and cheerful Malaysian food. Enjoyed some fantastic food and beverage during Wellington on a Plate, the city’s annual two-week long food festival.



My beloved crepes pecheur from Simply Paris — buckwheat crepes with smoked salmon, spinach, sour cream and capers.

September 2012: My contract finished at the wonderful museum where I had been working since September 2011, and I interviewed for a new position at a different institution. (My life’s not all yoga, food, and travel, even if that’s what I write about here!) It was a tough month and I felt very far away from loved ones back in the US. I took a lot of long walks around Wellington to seek solace in beauty and find peace amongst uncertainty.




October 2o12: Started the new job, and submitted my residence application, which was approved, making me an official resident of New Zealand. Went to WOW (World of Wearable Art), took an early anniversary trip to Taupo over Labour Day weekend (which I never actually got around to writing about here, I don’t think!), and helped organise the Off the Mat, Into the World, Yoga in Action training in Kapiti.

Nothing says spring in New Zealand like a tui in a kowhai tree (pronounced, ko-fai)

Nothing says spring in New Zealand like a tui in a kowhai tree (pronounced ko-fai)

View from Paremata

View from Paremata

View of Lake Taupo

View of Lake Taupo


Huka Falls, Taupo

November 2012: Began learning more about Maori culture, visiting a marae for the first time, and singing my first waiata. Bought a used bike and went wine tasting in Martinborough. Celebrated our two year anniversary by participating in a cooking class together where we learned to make seafood paella with fresh mussels, calamari and prawns— delicious! Saw the solar eclipse, and lined up to see stars at the world premiere of The Hobbit.

View of Wellington from Mt. Kaukau

View of Wellington from Mt. Kaukau


Organic wines at Vynfields in Martinborough.

Homemade seafood paella

Homemade seafood paella

December 2012: Visited Auckland for the first time (another thing I never got around to writing about here!), worked, taught yoga, and hit the road for a 10 day camping trip around Hawkes Bay and the East Cape for Christmas and New Years.

Sky Tower, Auckland

Sky Tower, Auckland

View from Sky Tower

View from Sky Tower



Tolaga Bay, East Cape

Looking back on these photos, I’m amazed by how many places we visited, and so grateful for the opportunity to live in New Zealand and continue to explore.

Thanks, as always, for reading, and wishing you a healthy and happy 2013!


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